Meet the GoHumCo Team

  1. Scott

    Scott Adair

    Director of Economic Development
    Phone: (707) 445-7745

    Scott Adair is the Director of Economic Development for the County of Humboldt, California. Scott also presently serves as the Executive Director to Humboldt County’s Cannabis Micro Grant and Loan Advisory Committee. Scott is a former Planning Commissioner, Trainer, Business Owner, and Commercial Real Estate Agent. He also remains an active community volunteer.

    Scott possesses over eighteen (18) years of experience in real estate asset management and public/private economic development. Scott completed his basic economic development certification through BEDC (in partnership with Colorado State University) and he recently graduated from Oklahoma University's prestigious EDI (Economic Development Institute) program.

    Scott and his spouse live with their two dogs in a home overlooking the Eel River Valley. They enjoy spending their weekends tending to their orchard and tinkering in their workshop.

  1. Dianna

    Dianna Rios

    Economic Development Coordinator
    Phone: (707) 476-4809

    As the Economic Development Coordinator, I'm the Executive Director for the Headwaters Fund, assist the County with business attraction, retention, expansion, and support for entrepreneurship. In addition, I'm the lead on Project SOAR, a partner in the CalForestWRX initiative, & staff and vice-chair of Prosperity!

    As staff to the Headwaters Fund, we manage, attract & leverage additional capital and grants in the local economy to keep the funds working in the community in perpetuity. We use the values, principles, and strategies of the County's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), currently known as Prosperity! We manage the funds by tracking and publicizing economic, social, and environmental gains. Our objective is to maximize the amount of money working within the community providing desired benefits while preserving the Headwaters Fund principal.

    Project SOAR (Sourcing Opportunities for new Airport Revenues) to enhance and improve economic autonomy and sustainability for the California Redwood Coast - Humboldt County Airport (ACV) and other county-operated airports. We know that travel in and out of the County is an integral part of economic Prosperity for residents, companies, and tourism organizations. Therefore, my role is to support the Humboldt County Department of Aviation by providing internal marketing, branding, promotional support, and commercial leasing.

    Through CalForestWRX, my role is to work with partners to increase and diversify value-added forest products manufacturing in our communities, cultivate investment in emerging high-growth forest product markets utilizing biomass & small-diameter wood. In addition, this project will allow the California forest wildland restoration for social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Our partnership includes Six Rivers National Forest.

    The Prosperity Network is the County's comprehensive economic development strategy partners. Prosperity acts as a venue for collaboration with regional economic development practitioners. Our purpose is to foster community and economic development to improve the quality of life for Humboldt County and is designed to create networking and education opportunities.

    Prior to my new role, I worked in economic development as the Executive Director at the Fortuna Business Improvement District for twelve years. My role was to oversee and support the cities three merchants associations through; area promotion, community events, business support, citywide business recruitment, retention, business expansion, marketing, & tourism.

  1. Peggy

    Peggy Murphy

    Economic Development Coordinator
    Phone: (707) 599-0125

    Peggy Murphy joined the County's Economic Development Team as an Economic Development Specialist to provide oversight to Project Trellis. 

    Prior to working with the County, Peggy spent over 3 years as the manager of the North Coast Small Business Development Center where she helped all kinds of businesses pursue their goals. Peggy's primary focus was on art businesses and Ecommerce businesses. In addition to supporting businesses, Peggy was tasked with making sure office functions ran smoothly from both a financial and an operational perspective. Peggy’s work history also includes Google Maps, The University of Washington and MediCann. Additionally, she owned the Hat Rac Fine Art Gallery in Oakland, CA. Peggy brings to the Economic Development Department lessons learned from both the public and private sectors.

    In her free time, Peggy is a silversmith, a gardener, and is an active participant in her husband’s art career. She also loves to spend time with her family, dogs, chickens and bees.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan Heitz

    Economic Development Specialist
    Phone: (707) 476-4804
    Ryan is a graduate from Humboldt State University with a degree in Business Administration and currently serves the County's Economic Development Department as an Economic Development Specialist. Ryan works on a number of special projects ranging from administering grant programs to supporting the Headwaters Fund. 

  1. Tanner

    Tanner Etherton

    Administration Analyst
    Phone: (707) 476-4802

    Tanner interned with the Economic Development Division as a Humboldt State University student and helped with the assessment of the Samoa Peninsula Enhanced Infrastructure District. After graduating, Tanner was hired full time to assist with the Head Water's Fund and continue his work on the proposed EIFD. Tanner is also in charge of the Zoom Prospector program and helps with web development. 

  1. GoHumCoPic

  1. Logan Ashworth

    Administrative Analyst I
    Phone: (707) 476-4803

    Logan is a graduate of Humboldt State University with a Masters degree in Academic Research and a Bachelor's from Southern Utah University in Psychology. They currently serve the County of Humboldt's Division of Economic Development by providing fiscal assistance and administrative support for Project Trellis and the Head Waters grant programs. Logan brings experience through their knowledge of academic grant writing, research in industrial/organizational psychology, and statistical practice in four labs including Humboldt's Quantitative Psychology lab.  

  1. Andrew Rix

    Andrew Rix

    Economic Specialist
    Phone: (707) 502-4835

    Andrew Rix began working in the Economic Development Division as of August 2021 as an economic development specialist working with workforce development grant programs. Andrew comes to Economic Development with 22 years of public sector experience mostly in Human Services and will dedicate his time to providing support to the Humboldt Local Workforce Innovation Area and the Humboldt Workforce Development Board.  Andrew graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, a Master of Public Administration, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services.  

  2. Isaiah Griffin

    Administrative Analyst
    Phone: (707) 476-4808

    Isaiah is a Humboldt-raised local that is proud to be part of rebuilding his community’s economy. He holds a B.A. in Economics from UCSB and joined the County’s Economic Development Team to aid in the fiscal support and continued implementation of Project Trellis. Between his experience in cannabis, business development and his time spent lobbying at the state capitol, Isaiah brings a desirable background to our county’s government. As an avid supporter for regional business development and the sustainability of Humboldt County’s economic future, he makes a welcome addition to the team.