Whether your thinking about coming to the area or you are already a resident, Humboldt county always has more to offer. Explore the never ending wilderness, find meaningful employment or training, find out how to engage in the community, and discover why calling Humboldt your home can be so special.

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I live/I am considering living in Humboldt and I want to know....

  1. More About the Area
  2. Where I Can Find Employment
  3. Where I Can Find Housing
  4. More About Affordable Housing
  5. Where I Can Get an Education
  6. About COVID Relief
  7. About Additional Public Resources
  8. Information About Schools for My Children
  9. Where I Can Access Medical Care
  10. Unemployment Information
  11. Job Training and Skills Workshops

Besides exploring the area yourself, here are some resources that can help visitors and residents alike find out more about the History of Humboldt and what it has to offer today.

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Community Resource List (2022)

This comprehensive community resource list was developed by the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services. In Humboldt our Community is everything, and we hope to ensure all people have equitable access to community services. Please look over and share this list with family and friends who may need a helping hand.



Humboldt County Visitors Bureau

The Humboldt County Visitors Bureau operates visitredwoods.com, a one-stop shop for vacationers to plan their trip to the redwood Coast. 


Visit Eureka

The Eureka Visitor Center is located at the Clarke Museum at 240 E Street in Eureka. The Visitor Center features a concierge service and a gift shop full of locally made products.