Higher Education

Humboldt County is a wonderful location to seek Higher Education, not only for the beauty of the region, the campuses, and its people, but the quality of the programs offered. With Humboldt State University (HSU) becoming a California Poly Technic those programs are expanding and we encourage you to visit their Site for more information or check out this recent report; A Polytechnic For Northern California.

Just South down the 101 you can find the community college, College of the Redwoods, which partners with HSU to offer students a pathway to the University. They also offer a well sought after nursing program and many other programs.

The Humboldt County Economic Development Division partners with these institutions to offer Student Internships with the Division. Weare currently look for Extra Help Student Interns. Checkout the flyer below for more information and if your interested talk to your academic advisor for more information.Flyer for Internship Opportunities with Economic Development. Flyer Information can be found under the header "Flyer Description"

Flyer Description

County of Economic Development Division is presently offering students Internship Opportunities.

Research Assistant (5-10hrs/week)

The Humboldt County Economic Development Division partners with Humboldt state University and the College of the Redwoods to give students the opportunity to work in ocal government on economic development projects. 

This internship allows students to work with a group of highly passionate individuals on projects what benefit the community, all while building your resume and expanding your opportunities. Connect with professionals from the public and private sector, community leaders, and like minded peers. Learn valuable skills for your career path and experience using them in a professional setting. Engage in the local government process and find out about the ongoing projects and resources available to the public. Discover your passions and take one step closer towards achieving your career goals. 

Internship Duties Include: Research and Analysis, Program Administration, Project Analysis, Community Outreach.

For more information on how to apply please contact your academic advisor.

Our Programs include: Headwaters Fund, Prosperity Network, Humboldt Workforce Coalition, and Project Trellis.