Nordic Aquafarms Project


The proposed Nordic Aquafarms project would be a sustainable and low-waste land based fish farm based on the Samoa Peninsula with the potential to bring hundreds of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy. The Company out of Norway wishes to be fully transparent with the community and urges people who have concerns about the impacts of the project to reach out for more information.

Lynette Mullen - Community Liaison
(7070) 845-0467

Economic Benefits

  • The project will be Multimillion dollar investment into the local economy
  • The project is anticipated to create several hundred jobs in the building trades during its multi-year construction and about 150 permanent full time positions once the facility is fully built out.
  • The project will provide $10,000,000 in environmental mitigation to clean up the heavily polluted old Pulp Mill site
  • The facility will produce by-products that can be used in a variety of ancillary businesses
  • The facility is designed to be sustainable and reduce it's environmental impact where ever possible

To Learn More, Visit The Nordic Aquafarms Humboldt Facility Website