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Humboldt County is to cannabis what France is to wine. Many of the medicinal cannabis strains popular throughout the world were developed here. Science and technology have merged with the spirit of the counterculture movement. Growth techniques that look to preserve the precious land and water resources of the natural environment represent the ideals of the cannabis culture. Residents, farmers, business owners and nonprofit groups are looking within themselves to restore and improve the local environment and wildlife habitat. With legalization, cannabis is undergoing the next phase of cultural integration into the American mainstream. Humboldt is proud and supportive of its rich green heritage and there are plenty of local organizations that want to help cannabis farmers succeed.

cannabis chamberHumboldt County Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

The Humboldt Cannabis Chamber builds connections and educational resources for the business owners, entrepreneurs and community members who work within the cannabis sector, along with the companies interested in providing services to this emerging industry. Membership is open to all entities conducting business within Humboldt County, California.

Humboldt County Growers Alliance LogoHumboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA)

Built on a foundation of fifty years of innovation, HCGA members are statewide leaders for environmentally and ethically produced cannabis. Our industry supports thousands of local jobs and millions in tax revenue—driving the majority of economic activity in Humboldt County. We work together to preserve, protect and enhance Humboldt County’s world-renowned cannabis industry through advocacy, public relations and education.

International Cannabis Farmers Association Logo

International Cannabis Farmers Association

The ICFA is a broad group of Cannabis farmers, scientists, and stakeholders working together to promote the unique quality and ecological benefits of traditionally farmed Cannabis and Cannabis-derived products while preserving the heritage of traditional farming communities.

Project Trellis

The County of Humboldt Cannabis Micro-grant, Marketing, and Local Equity Program, commonly referred to as ‘Project Trellis,’ is a trailblazing support initiative for the county’s cannabis industry. The three-tier program was developed on the heels of California’s legalization of recreational cannabis to provide business resources to cannabis businesses who otherwise wouldn’t have access due to federal restrictions.

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