What about sea level rise?

There is a lot of concern about the impact of sea level rise on the Peninsula due to Climate Change. Although Climate Change is a very real threat and sea level rise could potentially be devastating to Humboldt Bay, the Peninsula is actually at less risk than other larger communities. Using the NOAA' interactive sea level rise tool you can see the effects of sea level rise, in various local scenarios and time-frames, on Humboldt Bay. Not only is the Peninsula at less risk that the surrounding communities, but the Samoa Peninsula EIFD can actually be used to reduce the impacts. An EIFD can fund infrastructure that specifically mitigates climate change including sea level rise.

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1. What is an EIFD?
2. Will the EIFD increase taxes?
3. What about sea level rise?
4. What type of Infrastructure is the EIFD funding?
5. Is the EIFD conducting an Environmental Impact Report?
6. How is an EIFD different from traditional Infrastructure Financing Districts?
7. How long will the EIFD last?
8. What are the Boundaries of the Samoa Peninsula EIFD?
9. Can projects outside the EIFD boundaries be funded?
10. What is the Public Financing Authority?
11. What is the Infrastructure Financing Plan?
12. Who were the stakeholders involved in early EIFD discussion?
13. How were property owners engaged about the EIFD prior to creation?
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