What is the Public Financing Authority?

The Public Financing Authority (Authority Board) is the governing body of the Samoa Peninsula Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (the "EIFD"). The Authority Board oversees revisions to the Infrastructure Financing Plan, eventual debt issuances, approval of financed projects, and other governing activities. The Authority Board is composed of three (3) members of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and two (2) members of the public. To learn more about the Authority Board please visit The EIFD Authority Board Page

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1. What is an EIFD?
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6. How long will the EIFD last?
7. What are the Boundaries of the Samoa Peninsula EIFD?
8. Can projects outside the EIFD boundaries be funded?
9. What is the Public Financing Authority?
10. What is the Infrastructure Financing Plan?
11. Why did the County decide to form an EIFD?
12. How were property owners engaged about the EIFD prior to creation?
13. How can I become involved or learn more about the EIFD?