How were property owners engaged about the EIFD prior to creation?

Prior to the formation of the Samoa Peninsula Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (the "EIFD") the California Center for Rural Policy (CCRP) conducted interviews and surveys on the Peninsula to better understand the needs and wants of the public. Through this effort, CCRP learned that the public was concerned about infrastructure deficiencies, and specified the need for a program that focused on the following;

  • Infrastructure that encourages investment, such as advanced permitting and the placement of easements.
  • Water infrastructure upgrades
  • Green energy opportunities and climate change mitigation strategies
  • Green energy projects which align with local and state goals for energy resiliency, innovation, and independence
  • Community and recreational infrastructure

In addition to initial public outreach, the EIFD was required to go through three public hearing prior to its formation and is required to hold a public hearing annually upon adoption of it's Annual Report.  

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12. How were property owners engaged about the EIFD prior to creation?
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